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Welcome to We are Indelible Learning, an educational game company based in Los Angeles, California. We are currently developing a point-and-click detective game that teaches players about the sleep cycle (with a lesser emphasis on the dangers of prescription drug abuse). We invite you to explore this website we've created to communicate information about sleep health and our games to the public.


Indelible Learning has been awarded an NIH grant to develop its pencil-and-paper Medical Murder Mystery into an interactive multimedia experience. From the project abstract:

Sleep Mystery is an engaging, authentic, interactive STEM classroom game for a non-STEM audience. This serious STEM game was designed to address three important issues: the role of healthy sleep habits on long-term chronic disease[,] the connection between poor sleep hygiene and prescription drug abuse[,] the declining interest of U.S. students as they reach middle school in STEM and health sciences...Based on this successful classroom pilot, we propose to develop and evaluate a web-based, playable prototype for middle-school students taking required health, physical education, or life science classes.

More information is available on our NIH project page.